Why do you make?

I really like this question. One of my advisors in undergraduate school used to ask us this. Now, I pose this question to myself whenever I need to ground myself in my practice. Its interesting to observe the evolution of my answers -- what changes and what stays the same.

Why I make.

When I make I feel whole, and it has always been that way. I dont expect it will ever stop -- this need to create. I’ve always made because I have to. If I didn’t have to make, I wouldn't make. I would have been a mathematician if I could have. That would have been safer, more predicable, and constant. As it is though, I have art to make and as long as it continues to well up inside me I will continue to produce it.

I’ve always made because I have to.

I am definitely a healthier human being when I’m making. I am able to engage with a community and build relationships in a dynamic way that I never understood existed before. Being an artist gives me the tools I need to contribute to my community, and I like that. I think we all want that to feel like the work we do matters.