My process is deeply affected by the water and the people I encounter in pursuit of powerful, beautiful waves.

As a Gulf Coast native, I had never experienced the California coastline, so I spent about four weeks exploring the coast between San Diego and Bodega Bay before beginning my residency at Radio-Coteau. I am a surf photographer as well as a painter. I swim out into the surf with waterproof camera equipment to document the intimate relationship between surfers and the ocean. My process is deeply affected by the water and the people I encounter while in pursuit of powerful, beautiful waves. 

dynamic & inspiring

The residency at Radio-Coteau lasted three weeks. The owners offered me housing, a re-purposed barn, and two weeks to complete a body of work for exhibit at their Spring open house. Needless to say, it was an intense 2 weeks. I didn’t know what the work would look like, but I was certain it would reflect the dynamic and inspiring adventure I had experienced. If I have learned anything over the last seven years, it is that there is always a painting inside me. 

I always enjoy the relationships I build with paintings.

The barn is a massive and ideal painting space. I woke up with the sounds of an active ranch and was never far behind the sun going to sleep. I thrived in a space where I was allowed to obsessively focus on my creative process. After doing a series of preliminary sketches, the paintings sort of poured out of me one after the other. I wanted more time with them though. My process is efficient, but I always enjoy the relationships I build with paintings.

I like to listen and respond to their specific needs. There were definitely moments when I saw myself controlling the paintings instead of allowing them their autonomy. I didn't like that, and it was difficult to know when they were finished. I typically know that a painting is complete when it sort of sings! A calm takes over my body, and I simply know on an intuitive level. After all the edgy doubts and vulnerabilities are resolved, we share an intimacy that gives the whole process meaning.