Why do you paint so big?

Big paintings take up space, and I like that. The act of painting on a large scale becomes so physical -- I literally have to stand, walk, climb, and jump when I’m painting. I think Pollock writes about the presence of the artist in the painting and I like that -- literally putting my whole body into it. I also feel like the viewer is engaged in a similar fashion. It’s harder to escape or get away from a large painting -- it consumes a person and requires attention.

What’s with all the faces?

I study people. I’ve always felt that if I try hard enough I can interact with anyone. I’m always looking for universal ideas, patterns, and formulas to help me interact with people. I guess the obsession that I have with studying people in my daily life is apparent in my work.

Being obsessive and singular focussed is very satisfying.

The face is so rich with expression and detail. I can get really consumed by looking at a person’s face. I often have to work hard not to stare. A lot times it is hard to focus on what people are saying and look at their eyes at the same time. There is so much information! However, while painting I can study all the shapes, subtle line gestures, and nuances. I enjoy that. Being obsessive and singularly focused is very satisfying.

Can you paint small paintings?

Definitely. It’s not as much fun though. I love how my whole body gets to move when I paint or draw on a large scale. Small stuff is just harder to engage with completely because I’m not all the way in it -- literally. Small stuff makes me tired. If I had it my way I would charge twice as much for the small stuff because it is harder and less fun -- but that doesn't go over too well.

I love how my whole body gets to move when I paint or draw on a large scale.

Occasionally, I am in a very quiet and subtle mood. Then small works are nice and sort of flow out of me.