Sometimes clients ask me to combine my poetry with my artwork. Let me be clear, I think this is awesome! 

Writing is an integral part of my studio practice and creative process. I am often writing while I'm painting, but rarely do I write a poem for a specific painting. Instead, poems resonate uniquely with different paintings in a distinctly non-linear way. 

If a poem and painting speak to you and you'd like to have them together on the same print, let me know. 

  1. Pick a poem from the Poems page. Or if you know a poem of mine, but don't see it on that page - just tell me about it.
  2. Pick a work of art from the Painting/Drawing Prints page, the Surf Prints page, or the Figure Studies page.  
  3. Fill out the form below with your choices. I will reply within a week about available sizes and prices based on the original artwork's proportions. 
  4. I will design the print, and then local printers make it real. 
  5. The print is hand packaged and delivered to you after I review and sign it. 

Price : Prices are similar to those listed for other art prints - it just depends of the proportions of the original painting and the scale you are interested in. 

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I often layer my writing into the first stages of a painting - especially if the poem has a strong connection to the subject.