Over the years I've done different types of commissioned work. Some of the work nurtures my creativity while some requires me to lease out my soul. As I'm not a big fan of selling my soul, here's an explanation of the commissioned work I enjoy doing.

 4 by 4 inch portrait drawing in graphite 

Portraits : I paint and draw portraits using just about any two-dimensional material: oil paint, water color, acrylic, ink, charcoal, cante, graphite, pen. Some of my favorite portraits end up using a mixture of materials. I also work on different substrates: wood, canvas, paper, (surfboard !?!?).  While, I have my favorite materials and methods, I am happy to work with your favorite materials or in your favorite style. If you'd like to read more about my process when I paint portraits, check out this blog post.

Seascapes : In my normal practice, seascapes are very intimate and personal paintings. If you are open to letting me 'do my thing' and not knowing what the final painting will look like, a commissioned seascape can be very exciting. If you'd like to learn more about the process of painting a seascape, check out this blog post

*****However, if you'd like to invest in something more predictable (no judgment here ;-) ) I am happy to render a specific seascape for you. We would work together to determine the medium and style of the seascape. The process would be similar to making a portrait.  

Big Sur 2, 4 by 6 ft, acrylic on canvas

Scale : You may have noticed that much of my work is very large - perhaps too large to fit comfortably in your living room. Or maybe, you love the expressions in my portraits, but you don't want an eight foot face staring at you in your bedroom. I get it. While, I prefer to work big, I am equally skilled at making more reasonable sized art. Commissioning me means you get to pick the size of the final piece. 

Costs : Commissioned work is traditionally more expensive than work I make during my normal studio practice. While, I will always stay true to my process and style, a commissioned work of art is tailored to include your specific needs. If you enjoy my work, but would like to choose a subject matter that is personal to you, commissioning me is a great idea. Commissioned work varies greatly and so does the pricing. If you've got an idea, just send me an email. I don't bite, and I will be very direct with you about the viability, cost, and timeline for your project.  

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